A great year for blackberries

A great year for blackberries.

Blackberries in Pant
Free food

By all accounts this year has been a good one for fruit and vegetables in Pant. No doubt the damp start to the year, followed by a mild and sunny summer which didn’t descend into drought has probably helped.

As a gardener fruit and vegetables need a little bit of tender loving care to deliver the best, but thanks to the numerous hedgerows in and around Pant, we can access delicious free food without lifting a spade!

The idea of free food is a very attractive one and provided you know what you are picking and have the right to do so, hedgerows offer a wealth of tasty fayre.

Blackberries seem very abundant this year, and compared to last year, when they seemed to be a little dry and lacking in juice, this year’s harvest is juicy. Just right for a blackberry crumble or tasty jam.

The hedgerows also offer plenty of sloes for those willing to pick the tiny fruit. but the only recipe we have tried using sloes is sloe gin. Does anyone have any other uses for them?


Welcome to Pant Today

Welcome to Pant Today.


Pant.Today has been set up to bring residents and visitors to Pant in Shropshire useful information about the village and surrounding area.

As well as visitors and residents, Pant sees thousands of people a year who drive through the village on the A483. Most of these people drive through without stopping, or perhaps they stop at the convenient Co-operative store or maybe pull into the welcoming local pub, the Cross Guns. Pant.Today will give these people an overview of the village and maybe next time they will pull in and find out more about Pant, it’s history and future.