Update from Pant Memorial Hall

Pant Memorial Hall in winter

As most will know, the hall has been closed since January 5th under the English lockdown. As always, that doesn’t mean ‘nothing going on’.

The 99th Annual General Meeting was held online on March 11th,, and we are delighted to welcome a new trustee to the committee. The committee have kept in touch by a combination of email, phone and socially distanced paperwork, and we continue our fortnightly ‘Covid 19 subcommittee’ zoom meetings to monitor the situation.

Along with so many others, the committee were deeply saddened to hear of the death of Agnes Barbour in late January. Agnes was an active member of the hall committee from 1980, and was the chairman for 35 of those years. She has been a huge part of everything that has been achieved at Pant, and of an enormous number of other achievements in the locality, all done with endless energy and humour. She will be so much missed by all her many friends. We send love and deepest sympathy to her family.

Pant Memorial Hall with Amistice plaques

Following last year’s new lights and new chairs, we are continuing plans for improvement. One item has been rather hastened, due to the discovery of occupiers that we thought long gone. The extremely persistent Pant woodworm have been busy in the kitchen exit doors, which date from the hall rebuild in 1981 and so don’t really owe us anything. Fortunately we have good reserves, topped up by government closure grants – this allows us to order replacement doors which are expected in early summer. These will be modern UPVC to the same pattern as now, and hence the woodworm will be leaving us for good.

The hall is booked as a polling station on 6th May for the local and police and crime commissioner elections. Please check nearer the time for procedures – the hall is ‘AA covid-19 safe accredited’ and we are doing all we can to help the election authority. Severn Trent also continue to visit once a month to do water sampling for the area.

The big question is of course ‘when will the hall reopen to other bookings?’ At the moment it is ‘not before May 17th’ – although community buildings can reopen from April 12th, the allowed activities are extremely limited. Details are on our website for anyone who is eligible. Covid-19 procedures and restrictions are expected to continue until at least late June. It is an ever-changing situation, so please keep an eye on our website and don’t hesitate to contact us with any queries. We are ready to reopen when it is possible.

To contact us: (open or closed!) call 07913 565708, email secretary@pantmemorialhall.org.uk, see our website www.pantmemorialhall.org.uk , Facebook @pantmemorialhall, twitter @pantmemhall, or leave us a note in the postbox.

Pant Memorial Hall AGM

Pant Memorial Hall in winter

The 99th annual general meeting for Pant Memorial Institute (the charity that runs the hall) will be held on Thursday 11th March at 7pm.

Due to Coronavirus, the AGM this year will be being held via online video conference.

The AGM also elects the Trustees for the year and the committee is keen to welcome new members who can help run the hall.

Speaking in advance of the meeting, Sean, committee chairperson said: “The last year has been challenging for everyone and the hall has had to remain closed for much of the year. In spite of that though, the current committee has seen that the hall is kept in pristine condition and we have even managed to make some significant improvements to the hall.”

To attend the AGM this year, locals will need to follow a link to the Zoom platform, where you will be able to take part in proceedings or put yourself forward to the committee.

According to Sean, being part of the committee is both rewarding and not onerous. “As a charity we need local people to become involved in the decision making for the Memorial Hall but new members would not need to commit to more than a handful of meetings a year.

“It’s also rewarding work as the Memorial Hall is a much loved local institution and it’s great to play a part in its development.”

To find out more about the AGM and how to get involved, please visit – https://pantmemorialhall.org.uk/2021-annual-general-meeting

News from Pant Memorial Hall – Jan 2021

We start 2021 with the hall closed yet again under the English lockdown.

We did reopen in December, but the restrictions and the Welsh lockdown meant that we could only host a couple of hirers. No Christmas events this year, but a big thank you to the Pant WI for the use of their Christmas tree. With our decorations and a set of lights we were able to show some festive sparkle to the entrance lobby.

Despite the lack of hirers, November and December were busy for the committee. After a lot of consideration, including testing out a sample, we ordered 40 new chairs. These are padded with wipe-clean vinyl upholstery, so can be used even under covid-19 restrictions. They are a little lighter than the old chairs and stack just as easily. Most importantly, they are much more comfortable! We sold 40 of the old chairs to the supplier to help with the cost and clear some space.

Chair delivery day was a bit of a challenge, as it was a) raining and b) coincided with Alan the steam-cleaner who was making the toilet floors look like new. The pallet wouldn’t quite go through the kitchen doors, so the chair stacks had to be removed one by one. The hall secretary has a motto that ‘jobs only look impossible’ – the chairs fit on to our existing trolley, the packaging went for firelighting and after a bit of headscratching, all was well.

The chairs were funded by a grant from the Tirgwynt Wind Farm community fund, plus other donations – our thanks (and those of future hirers!) go to all these generous people.

We’ve also done our bit to help the utilities. Severn Trent need to make regular water quality tests, but cannot go into domestic properties at the moment. Hence they took four water samples from the hall. We were pleased to hear that both the local water supply and our plumbing are up to standard. We were also able to assist Highways England in the repair of the street lighting, by providing car parking and equipment storage space for their contractors.

Like everyone else, we don’t know when restrictions will be eased – but the hall is being looked after and will be ready when the time comes. Meantime feel free to get in touch, the committee aren’t going anywhere!

To contact us: (open or closed!) call 07913 565708, email secretary@pantmemorialhall.org.uk, see our website www.pantmemorialhall.org.uk , facebook @pantmemorialhall, twitter@pantmemhall, or leave us a note in the postbox.

Season’s Greetings!

Season's Greetings

When, this time last year, we wished you all a happy Christmas and looked forward to a new year, we couldn’t have imagined how the world would change.

Each year we look back at the changes that have taken place in the village – as well as the country at large – but the idea that the pub and village hall would be closed for a significant part of the year was certainly not something we had contemplated – or at least not due to a brand new virus.

The committee at the village hall have been very proactive during the year, not only in ensuring that the hall met COVID-19 regulations and was able to reopen with robust measures in place, but they have also taken the time to improve the hall. As well as a very deep clean, the hall has seen the installation of new energy-saving lighting, thanks to a grant from the National Lottery. The hall has also been successful in funding 40 new comfortable chairs thanks to money from the Tirgwynt Wind Farm Community Grant. 

Obviously, the hall has been used much less in 2020 than in more usual times, and we hope that people will support new events that will hopefully come on stream in 2021 – especially as the world returns to some sort of normality following the roll out of vaccinations.

The Cross Guns too has had an interesting year to say the least. With the lockdown affecting the hospitality sector so badly, Maureen and her team at the pub have had to do what many others have had to do and offer takeaway when they could, and open as per the guidelines. The ‘Friends of Cross Guns Pant‘ Facebook group, which was set up last year, is still there if villagers want to join.

We also reported this time last year that plans were progressing for work on Schoolhouse Bridge over the Montgomery Canal between Pant and Crickheath. If you have been down that way, you will see that a new temporary roadway was built this year to enable the road to be redirected to let building work commence – hopefully in 2021. The Friends of the Montgomery Canal launched a new website during the year at www.themontgomerycanal.org.uk which has much information about the canal and its restoration.

We were lucky in Pant, at the beginning of the pandemic, that a number of people in the village got together to set up the Pant Coronavirus Support Group. This bunch of fantastic volunteers has been there throughout the year to help local people needing assistance, whether that was with food and medicines deliveries, getting to medical appointments or just a friendly voice at the end of the phone. A huge thank you to everyone in our community who has been able to help.

Many of us have increasingly used online services such as Zoom and Skype for social contact and meetings, and even more have turned to online shopping. Pant Today remains a place where local business can advertise (only £20 a year). Not only will your support help us keep this village website going but it can help your business gain exposure to local customers. Please consider an advert with us.
May we wish you Happy Christmas and Season’s Greetings!