Village attractions

Attractions in Pant

If you are in Pant on holiday or visiting friends or family, then why not take a few minutes to walk around the village and see some of its attractions.

Llanymynech Rocks Nature Reserve

Llanymynech Rocks

Llanymynech Rocks Nature Reserve is on the site of the former limestone quarry which dominated the village from the early 19th century until the end of the First World War. The spectacular cliff face of Llanymynech Rocks dominates the reserve, which is a haven for birds, butterflies and orchids. The reserve is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year and entry is free of charge. The entrance to the reserve is at the end of Underhill Lane, where there is a small car park. Find out more here.

Armistice Memorial Artwork

Pant Memorial Hall artwork

This artwork is on Pant Memorial Hall on the main road and was installed in 2019 to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the ending of the First World War and also to provide a celebration of Pant and the surrounding area. The artwork was created by ceramic artist Neil Dalrymple following input from local people. It is a 3D ceramic relief and contains local limestone in the glaze. The idea was to create a mini tourist attraction for Pant, find out more here.

Cambrian Heritage Railways

Penygarreg Halt in Pant Shropshire

Cambrian Heritage Railways runs a restored railway from Pen-y-garreg Halt, on Pen-y-garreg Lane in Pant, to the neighbouring village of Llynclys. Trains run infrequently on special events. The railway is always looking for volunteers to work on the trains or, by becoming a member of the charity, you can help support their work. Find out more here.

Montgomery Canal

The Montgomery Canal north of Pant in Shropshire

The Montgomery Canal is a partially restored canal which runs through the village of Pant. It is 33 miles (53 km) long and runs from Frankton Junction on the Llangollen Canal to Newtown in Powys. The section in Pant is currently not navigable, but work to restore the canal is ongoing. The towpath along the side of the canal bed that runs through Pant has largely been restored and is ideal for a stroll, although uneven in places. It is also a great spot for wildlife. Find out more about the Montgomery Canal and the restoration work here.

Gin Wheel

Gin Wheel in Pant, Shropshire

The Gin Wheel winding drum on Gyn Lane in Pant is part of the remains of the railway which used to take limestone from the quarries at Llanymynech Hill to the lime kilns at its foot. When a train of full trucks descended the slope, it pulled a train of empty trucks upwards as the chains on the drum unwound. The exact date of the railway and gin wheel is unknown, but it may be contemporary with mid 18th Century examples in Coalbrookdale. (Source: Oswestry Borough Council information board at the gin wheel.)

Lime Kilns

Lime Kilns in Pant

Lime kilns still exist at the end of Rhew Level Lane in Pant, at the base of what would have been the inclined plane adjoining the Montgomery Canal. Some of the stone from the quarries was burnt in the kilns before being transported from Pant Wharf via the Montgomery Canal for use as a fertiliser on the acid soil of north Shropshire and Cheshire. (Source: Oswestry Borough Council information board at the gin wheel.)

Llanymynech Golf Club

Llanymynech Golf Club

Llanymynech Golf Club is situated on top of Llanymynech Hill, overlooking the village. The spectacular golf course is surrounded by steep cliffs and steep banks and from the course it is possible to view 12 of the old ‘shire counties’ including Shropshire, Cheshire, Flintshire and Denbighshire. There is a section of Offa’s Dyke on the western edge and Offa’s Dyke Path crosses the course. Find out more here.