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45 foot mobile phone mast for Pant?

Plans for 45 foot mobile phone mast for Pant

Plans have been submitted to Shropshire Council for a 45 foot high mobile phone mast and telephone cabinet boxes to be sited beside the path on the north side of Stargarreg Lane entrance, opposite the Cross Guns Inn in Pant.

According to Bob Hardy, who lives in Pant, Stargarreg Lane is already difficult enough to drive out from onto the A483, without two more obstacles put in the line of sight of traffic.

Bob Hardy - Pant Today

Bob Hardy is one of a number of Pant residents with concerns over the siting of the telecom mast

Says Bob: “These two additions will seriously impede safety as drivers attempt to get onto the A483 from Stargarreg Lane.

“In fact, the area around this junction should be cleared of all signs and hedges. Putting these boxes and this mast here by the bus stop for the school buses and where the pavement is already narrow is a recipe for disaster.”

The 15 metre monopole mast is needed, according to documents submitted to Shropshire Council on behalf of Telefonica UK, to provide improved 2G and 3G services for 02 and Vodafone customers, as well as introducing a 4G service. 4G allows customers to use ultra-fast speeds when browsing the internet, streaming videos or sending emails and offers faster downloads.

Bob, along with other villagers, have suggested that the mast would be better suited in another location in the village. The proposed location is in the heart of the village, opposite Bryn Offa School, the village green and the Cross Guns pub.

Adds Bob: “This is a potentially dangerous location and visually a disaster for the village. Surely there must be a less sensitive site in the village for this mast?”

Anyone can make their comments about the proposal known to Shropshire Council by registering on their website, where you can also find details and location plans of the proposed new mast.

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