The value of local amenities

WCross Guns Inn, Pantith autumn setting in and the nights getting darker, now’s a good time to reflect on the value of local amenities.

When it’s cold, dark and wet people are less likely to travel far from home and, with the exception of the Christmas and New Year period, fewer people go away on holiday.

Dark nights mean more of us stay in the village rather than going to visit distant friends or enjoying the ‘big outdoors’, although there are plenty of great walks to be had during the autumn and winter in North Shropshire and Powys.

Luckily, one of the village amenities in Pant is the Cross Guns Inn and, even on a cold, dark night, the pub is only a short walk away. Sometimes it’s easy to forget on a chilly or foggy evening that the Cross Guns is open and a great place to meet up with friends, family and locals, often in front of a roaring log fire.

We are also very lucky in Pant that there are a number of other ‘locals’ in surrounding villages.

With Camra highlighting that 31 pubs close for good in this country every week, Pant is one of the lucky communities that still has this important village hub. For those with a long memory, or who have been in Pant for many years, you will remember that Pant, at one time, had three pubs to choose from.

The Cross Guns Inn is holding a charity Halloween Pub Quiz on Friday 31st October, so why not form a team with your family, neighbours or friends and support your local whilst raising money for a good cause and having a great time? More details here.

Pant Yesterday

Winding Wheel, Llanymynech RocksWould you like to share any of your historical photographs or pictures with visitors to Pant Today?

Lots of people are interested in local history and their ancestry, with genealogists across the world searching online to find out about their family tree and where their descendents came from.

There are already, of course, many photos of Pant available in leaflets and books and it would be nice for more of them to be online and freely available for people to view. That’s why we’d like to develop an online gallery of images from Pant over the ages. We can caption any photos submitted and also credit the photographer, if known.

It would especially be interesting to see if we can find photographs from ‘workers’ in the village. Often, it is easier to find photos of buildings and landscapes than it is to find photographs and descriptions from the people that actually make up the village. Before the digital age this was especially true for more ‘menial’ trades, as the silver halide photography of the time was very expensive and so ‘saved’ for important occasions. Therefore, if we can find any photographs of local Pant people, it would be great to save them for posterity.

If you only have prints of your photos, don’t worry as we should be able to help you scan them so that they can be uploaded to Pant Today. Just let us know. Please fill in the contact form here, and we will be in touch. Please remember to include a contact number.

Local shopping in Pant

Whilst walking around the Honesty Boxvillage, visitors are likely to come across some impromptu ‘shops’ as locals sell excess produce outside their properties.

This way of selling predates trendy ‘pop-up shops’ and is an excellent way to shop locally with the advantage that you not only know where the products come from but you will possibly also know the producer and you might well even have seen the products growing!

Eggs, runner beans, flowers and plants amongst other things are available in Pant and when you see them it is best to buy straight away as you never know how long they will last. And unlike in supermarkets produce is totally seasonal, as even in sunny Pant there won’t be many strawberries available in February!

In many cases the products will be displayed on a wall next to an honesty box, for people to leave the appropriate amount of money in return for what they take.

It is nice that people can trust others in this way, so why not support your local home growers?

Have you got news for Pant?

Share your news with Pant

If you have news that would be of interested to residents and visitors of Pant, then we’d love to hear from you.

We welcome contributions on anything that ‘locals’ would find interesting and newsworthy. For example, information about upcoming events in Pant and nearby would be welcome as would  top tips of where to visit.

We are also happy to consider articles on gardening or DIY tips as well as your own recipes.

We all know that a picture says a thousand words, so a good quality photo (or drawing, comic etc) would really help bring your story alive. Talking of photographs, it would be really nice to publish some old photos of Pant, so if you have any old photographs of the village, why not consider scanning them and making them available for all to view?