Local shopping in Pant

Whilst walking around the Honesty Boxvillage, visitors are likely to come across some impromptu ‘shops’ as locals sell excess produce outside their properties.

This way of selling predates trendy ‘pop-up shops’ and is an excellent way to shop locally with the advantage that you not only know where the products come from but you will possibly also know the producer and you might well even have seen the products growing!

Eggs, runner beans, flowers and plants amongst other things are available in Pant and when you see them it is best to buy straight away as you never know how long they will last. And unlike in supermarkets produce is totally seasonal, as even in sunny Pant there won’t be many strawberries available in February!

In many cases the products will be displayed on a wall next to an honesty box, for people to leave the appropriate amount of money in return for what they take.

It is nice that people can trust others in this way, so why not support your local home growers?

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