Keeping Pant Tidy

Litter and flytipping are a country wide problem, and Pant is no exception. Items dropped by those on foot are complemented by rubbish thrown out of cars by people driving through the village.

Hotspots for litter include the drain opposite Rhiew Revel, the wide verge on the A483 south of Llynclys (about 10 minutes drive from various drive-through fast food suppliers), around the shop and near the bin at the top of the Tramway.

There is no council litter picking work done in this area. In self-defence, several villagers are now litter picking when they go for a walk – why not join in? All you need is a bag and gloves or a ‘grabber’. The efforts of these people are making a difference, the village is looking rather better although it is a constant battle.

Some useful information:
• most items you collect can go in your own landfill bin. If possible please separate recyclables (tins, plastic bottles, glass bottles paper fast food wrappings) for their own collection.
• disposable vapes must NOT go in landfill, they cause fires in the bin lorry or at the depot. If you can’t take these to electrical recycling, please leave them. Batteries should also be separated out – the kerbside collection takes these if left in a bag by your recycling. (it is possible to remove the battery from a vape if you are sufficiently dedicated)
• small nitrous oxide containers can go in metal recycling if you are going to the tip. Large ones – contact the council flytipping team, details below.
• We have three public bins in Pant and more in Llanymynech; they fill up rapidly, please report on if they need emptying, the response is usually rapid. Please take your rubbish home if the bins are full!
• do not collect drug paraphernalia, bottles containing yellow liquid or dead birds – they are hazardous waste. The litter should be reported to Shropshire council as below, the birds to DEFRA on This is due to the avian flu risk to humans and other wildlife.

How to report flytipped items:
Shropshire Council do have an efficient flytipping collection team. To alert them, use If the item is at the side of the A483, it is still the responsibility of the council – select the ‘somewhere else’ option to direct the report to the council rather than National Highways. You will get an email when the item has been collected; most of the time that is what has happened, but if it is still there you can reopen the report.

As well as the usual flytipped items, the team will collect car debris after crashes; this is a common problem at Llynclys. Adding photos to the report makes life easier for the collectors.

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