Hoffmann lime kiln, Llanymynech

Limeworks noticeboard goes missing

Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council is seeking help to find a missing noticeboard.

Hoffmann lime kiln, Llanymynech
Hoffmann lime kiln at Llanymynech Limeworks Heritage Area

Can you help the Parish Council track down an oak noticeboard that has gone missing, sometime after the end of October?

The £1,500 noticeboard was reported damaged in October and was lying flat on the ground just beyond the Limeworks sculpture at the heritage site entrance in Llanymynech.

When a contractor went to carry out a repair, the board couldn’t be found and, after enquiries of local volunteers and rangers at the heritage site, it was reported to the police. The police searched the area without success, so the disappearance has now been recorded on their crime website.

Installed as part of the Heritage Lottery Project, which was carried out on the Limeworks in 2005/6, the board cost £1,569 and provided information to visitors about the Hoffmann Kiln in the Heritage Area.

If anyone took the board – perhaps for firewood but still has it – the Parish Council would be really grateful for its return so it can be reinstated in the Heritage Area and carry on providing information to visitors, when they return after lockdown.

Although perhaps seen as a minor crime, the replacement of this noticeboard will take funds away from the Parish Council and ultimately the whole community.

If anyone has any information about the whereabouts or fate of the noticeboard, please contact the Parish Council clerk by email landpcouncil@btinternet.com or send us a message using the contact form on this website if you wish to remain anonymous.

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