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Parish Council Meeting – November 2023

Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council is holding its November meeting on Thursday, 30 November at 7.15pm in Pant Memorial Hall.

Each meeting local residents are encouraged to attend to raise issues of local interest.

At this meeting there is an opportunity to fill a casual vacancy as the vacancy has been advertised without a Poll being called. Ttherefore co-option can take place.


1 APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE. To receive Apologies for absence.

(a) POLICE REPORT. To receive report and to raise matters concerning safety.
(b) SHROPSHIRE COUNCIL REPORT – Report from Cllr Vince Hunt.
(c) MATTERS RAISED BY THE PUBLIC. Members of the public are here given an
opportunity to make representations to the Council on items on the agenda or of
public interest. (Limited to 15 Minutes duration).

3 DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST OR BIAS. In accordance with section 29 of the Localism Act 2011 Members are personally responsible for deciding whether or not they should disclose an interest where a matter arises which directly relates to them. They should not participate in any discussion nor vote on the matter and must not remain in the room unless granted a Dispensation to do so.

4 CASUAL VACANCY. The vacancy has been advertised without a Poll being called
therefore co-option can take place.

5 PLANNING. To comment on or note planning applications.
23/04286/TPO: Shirley Gorse, Pant, Proposal: Fell 1 Atlas Cedar. Permission Granted.

6 VYRNWY FRANKTON CONNECTION. Proposals for new substation and overhead line.

7 MINUTES to confirm Minutes of the meeting held on the 26.10.23.

8 HIGHWAY MATTERS. Station Road, Llanymynech – Report.

a) To note the statement of expenditure v. budget to Nov 2023.
b) To authorise payments totalling £4,053.34

10 SHROPSHIRE D-DAY 80th ANNIVERSARY – 6.6.2024. Letter from the Pageant Master, Bruno Peek concerning the Commemoration.


12 DONATIONS. To consider requests for donations. (paid to date £100 Community Café)

13 RIGHTS OF WAY. To consider any related items.

14 STREET LIGHTING ACCOUNT. Report on the account and future payment.

15 COUNCILLOR or CLERK REPORTS ON LOCAL ISSUES. To bring any items to the
notice of the Council, or reports on training or meetings attended.

16 DATE OF NEXT MEETING AND ITEMS FOR AGENDA. Cllrs opportunity to request
items to be placed on the next Agenda.

17 Council in Private Session. To Resolve: That under Section 1 (2) of the Public Bodies (admission to Meetings) Act 1960 the public and press be excluded from the meeting for the item of business number 18 on the Agenda as publicity would be prejudicial to the public interest by reason of the likely disclosure of personal information.

18 Clerk’s Remuneration Report.

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