Will you leave a lasting legacy to Pant Memorial Hall

Pant Memorial Institute is asking local people to consider leaving a legacy in their will to support the village hall in the future.

For over 100 years, people in Pant have been supporting Pant Memorial Institute, the registered charity that runs and maintains Pant Memorial Hall.

During that time the hall has been supported by thousands of local people. Said Sean, chair of trustees: “You may well have benefited from Pant Memorial Hall in one way or another yourself. You may have been one of the many villagers who went there to the dances or the youth club. Perhaps you have held a family party or your children or grandchildren attend events there. If so, a legacy could be a fitting way to continue supporting the village hall long into the future.”

According to Sean the hall requires continual investment in its upkeep and maintenance. As the fabric of the building gets older, it will become increasingly likely that significant building work will be required. While much of this can potentially be funded by grants, cash reserves given as legacies would mean future trustees of the charity could make even more improvements to the hall.

As a charity, any money donated to the hall has to be used by the trustees for the running of the hall so your legacy will be safe and you can rest assured that it will be used to benefit the community in the future.

Helping Pant Memorial Hall with a financial gift is much easier than you think, and provides peace of mind that the hall will continue to be a vibrant focus of the village.
If you could be interested in leaving a legacy to the hall – whatever the size – why not get in touch with the hall committee to discuss how it could be used?

Find out more by visiting https://pantmemorialhall.org.uk/leaving-a-legacy-to-the-hall-charity.

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