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A483 speed limit review

We understand that there will be a review of the speed limits on the A483 that runs through Pant in Shropshire from its junction with the A5 to the border with Wales.

Road sign in Pant Shropshire

A review of traffic speed limits is planned for next year

Residents and visitors to Pant will know that the A483, the main road that runs through the village, attracts a very large volume of traffic each day, much of it using the road as a major route between North and Mid Wales.

At times the road is very busy. Recent road improvements include the installation of a pedestrian crossing near to the Memorial Hall and the Co-operative shop as well as the siting of two traffic speed indicators, in the village near to the Cross Guns Inn.

Either side of the village the speed limit is 40 mph while in the village itself, the speed limit is 30 mph. However, traffic driving through the village often sets off the speed indicators showing that the vehicles are travelling faster than the speed limit of 30 mph.

EM Highway Services, which maintains the A483 in the West Midlands on behalf of Highways England has confirmed that in the next financial year (2016/17) there will be a review of the current speed limits on the road.

According to EM Highways Services this review will look at the existing speed limits and take into account volume of traffic, speed of vehicles, collision history etc.

It will also consider if the current speed limit is appropriate, if it should be reduced or if additional measures are required to assist in compliance with the speed limit.

However, EM Highways Services  went on to say that the review will be dependent on budgetary allowances, which have not yet been allocated for 2016/17.

Also, at this stage, there is scope for public consultation into the speed limits or the A483 more generally.

The speed limit review is to review current speed limits against the latest guidance on implementing speed limits. This is to ensure the existing speed limits are appropriate, to identify possible areas where revised speed limits may be justified or where extra engineering measures may be required to assist in regulating vehicle speeds.

According to EM Highway Services: “The process is data lead and there is no scope in the review to carry out public consultation. If the review was to recommend a revised speed limit then consultation and advertising of the revised speed limit would be carried out.”

If you have specific concerns about the A483 in Pant, please make them known directly to Highways England, especially as the planned review is not due to start until next year at the earliest.

Highways England is contactable by calling 0300 123 5000 or by email on Area9Hail@emhighways.co.uk.

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