Mile End roundabout improvements

Mile End Roundabout. For many people travelling to Pant this roundabout on the outskirts of Oswestry is a necessary part of the journey.

Highways Agency logoNow, following a revamp of the roundabout and changes to the access roads, people have taken to social media and elsewhere to complain about the new layout.

In the summer, the Highways Agency spent several months and £4 million redesigning the roundabout as part of ‘pinch point improvements’ but now, say some, the roundabout is causing problems for some motorists.

Just this week, Shropshire Council advised people via Twitter to contact the Highways Agency with any concerns about the roundabout.

A spokesperson for the Highways Agency said: “Safety is always our top priority – and we design all our schemes to meet stringent safety and design standards. The scheme at Oswestry was designed in accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges (DMRB) and Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (TSRGD) standards.

“When followed correctly, the new lane markings at Mile End will improve the flow of traffic around this island, as drivers should not need to change lanes whilst already on the roundabout.”

What do you think? Have you seen an improvement in the way people use the roundabout?

Too fast for Pant

Road through PantFor anyone who lives in Pant, the often busy A483 which runs through the village cannot be overlooked. Whether trying to cross the road on foot, turning onto it in your car or just the noise and speed, it is something that can’t be avoided and everyone has their own story to tell about their frustrations with the road.

Recent improvements such as a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing, and flashing 30 mile an hour signs have certainly helped to raise the issue  of the, but should more be done?

Many people think a bypass is the best solution (although there are pros and cons for this), and the Welsh Government recently commissioned a new feasibility study, as previously reported on However, for those of us who regularly walk along the footpaths by the side of the A483 in Pant, one of the best things would be if traffic actually stuck to the 30 mile an hour limit.

People who live near the speed limit signs in Pant joke about how frequently they flash at motorists, as a significant proportion of vehicles do not slow down. Recently, we even saw an articulated lorry hurtling through the village with the driver on his mobile phone. The lorry was going so fast the backdraft took your breath away!

Nationally, road safety charity, Brake, is campaigning for a 20 mph speed limit in all villages as a way of making them safer, healthier and more sociable places.

A 20 mph limit might be a good idea for the A483 in Pant, as it might lessen calls for the bypass – certainly a much cheaper option – but before lowering the speed limit to 20 mph, surely more should be done to enforce the existing speed limit.

What do you think? Would speed cameras help? Should there be additional traffic calming measures, such as chicanes or road narrowing? Let us know and maybe we can all urge the authorities to look at how to slow the traffic through our village.

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