Climate Emergency Policy from Parish Council

Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council adopted a Climate Emergency Action Policy at its meeting in January 2022.

Drawn up to highlight some of the issues that the Parish Council can face during its work for the local community, the new Climate Emergency Action Policy was drafted with input from local residents before being formally adopted by parish councillors.

Covering issues such as biodiversity, flood risk and rural transport, the policy can act as a checklist for councillors when, for example they are considering their response to new development in the parish.

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According to the policy, the Parish Council intend to promote the policy within the local community in a number of ways, including at meetings and with young people.

This is the full policy:



Rural Transport

– Improve rural provision
a. Lobby for improvements in routes and scheduling.
b. Provision of bus shelters to encourage use.
c. Financial support of community schemes.

– Improvements to cycleways, footpaths & pavements
a. Publicise access routes.
b. Lobby for wider, safer pavements in villages.
c. Clearance of overgrown footpaths to encourage use.

– Reduction of vehicle use
a. Encourage car sharing.
b. Reduce use of vehicles for Council meetings etc.


Street Lighting

Reduce energy use
a. Replace bulbs with leds.
b. Investigate installation of pedestrian activated light controls.
c. Request renewable energy from supplier.


Monitor supply use
a. Reduce printing of documents for meetings.
b. Recycle printing cartridges, paper etc.
c. Reduce waste by paperless meetings/information.
d. When possible hold meetings virtually.


Use of Energy

– Reduction of energy use

a. Explore solar/wind provision for village halls’ energy.

Promote green energy use
a. Explore solar panels discount for village homes.
b. Research village charging points for electric vehicles.
c. Publicise Energy Saving Agencies on Council website.


Carbon Neutral Support

– Representation
a. Make representation to Govt, National & County Associations.
b. Reference CE on planning application comments.

– Positive Action
a. Put Climate Emergency Policy on website & publicise.
b. Form Climate Care community group across age groups.
c. Liaise with schools on raising awareness and action.
d. Contribute to changes to ensure net carbon zero by 2030


– Management of Parish Council owned assets
a. Develop Open Space Management Plans.
b. Commit funding to the conservation/management of Rockwell Meadow.

– Biodiversity & land management
a. Ensure and promote biodiversity in Parish.
b. Encourage community tree planting and Preservation orders
c. Promote peat free compost and home composting.
d. Provide nesting/roosting & protection for wildlife.
e. Oppose use of toxin sprays on crops.
f. Distribute wildflower seeds via school and organisations.


– Flood Risk Planning Action
a. Make objective comments on planning applications.
b. Reference potential future changes to flood risk area.
c. Oppose use of non porous materials on driveways etc.
d. Lobby for improved drainage on hillside area of village.

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