Farewell to Tommy Casewell

Cake, chats and community were the order of the day as local people came together to remember Tommy Casewell, who was a familiar sight to many in Pant, Llynclys and Oswestry.

Originally from South Wales, Tommy was well known and liked, often seen walking his dog from Llynclys where he lived.

At a remembrance event held in Pant Memorial Hall over 50 people joined in a brief and friendly service followed by chatting, hot drinks and cake.

Said Rev Kathy Trimble: “It’s great that so many people from the community came together to remember our friend Tommy.”

Rev Kathy at Pant Memorial Hall

According to Kathy, Tommy was a regular at Morton Church and was especially keen on cake, so the memorial service was a fitting tribute to him.

A number of locals spoke about Tommy and retold stories including one about an event in Llangollen where Carol Decker of the pop group T’Pau thanked Tommy for helping change a flat tyre.

Tommy was also often quoted in the local papers urging the highways authorities to improve the roads at Llynclys Crossroads.

A collection held by locals has raised money to pay for a new tree in Morton churchyard.

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