Cycling from Pant to Oswestry

Many of us are concerned about reducing our carbon footprint and looking after our health. Cycling is a good way to combine both, especially if you can use the bike to replace journeys by car.

Pant is a very popular village with many fantastic areas for cycling nearby, but how convenient would it be to commute by cycling from Pant to Oswestry?

The A483 is a very busy road and gives direct access to both Oswestry (and Welshpool) but is certainly not an inviting road for cyclists, especially at night.

In an ideal world, roads would be welcoming to all road users but, as most were established long before the advent of the motor engine and large lorries, pedestrians, horse riders and cyclists have been ‘pushed’ off main roads, even though they are just as entitled to use them.

Luckily, there is a fairly direct route from Pant to Oswestry that follows Cycleway 55 which is less busy and fairly flat.

Cycling from Pant to Oswestry

As can be seen from the map, the route suggested takes you onto Penygarreg Lane in Pant, across the Montgomery Canal onto Long Lane towards the Knockin Road.

Crossing (carefully) the B396 the route goes through Morton and then takes a left turn to join Ball Lane, which will take you onto the Maesbury Road. After crossing the traffic lights towards Oswestry, you have a couple of choices depending where in Oswestry you are heading. You can either keep going along Maesbury Road through the industrial estate or turn left off Maesbury Road onto Weston Road and then Weston Lane towards Morda.

Why not post your experience of cycling from Pant to Oswestry in the comments below and also why not let us know how you would commute towards Welshpool?

If we want to reduce our dependence on cars, bikes are an important part of the solution – along with improved bus services – but people are only going to switch to their bikes if motorists let them feel safe on the road.

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