Could the village hall help you kick start a business?

Pant Memorial Hall has been a focal point for local people for almost 100 years and is looking positively to a post COVID-19 future.

If the government’s roadmap out of lockdown progresses as planned, Pant Memorial Hall will reopen to some hirers from May 17th. From this date some activities will be allowed in village halls and community centres and the committee have had lots of guidance from ACRE (Action for Communities in Rural England) about what measures are needed and what activities are allowed.

If ‘step 3’ is authorised from May 17th (and that will not be announced until the week before), many of the organised activities that have been the mainstay at the hall will be allowed again. However, activities such as parties and family gatherings are not allowed in village halls until ‘step 4’, which is due to come into force from June 21st. From that date, the hall committee is hoping that restrictions on the use of the kitchen and bar area will be lifted.

Pant Memorial Hall - small room for hire
Pant Memorial Hall has a small room for hire

The hall is definitely booked as a polling station on 6th May for the local and police and crime commissioner elections – please check with the council for procedures, or see the signs on the day.

Meanwhile, as well as ensuring the hall is ready to reopen as soon as conditions allow, members of the committee have also been keen to point out that the hall is a venue that could also help people kickstart a business venture for the future.

Said Sean, Chair of the committee: “We really want to get the hall back into use and help out as much as we can. The post COVID-19 landscape might be very different and local people might be looking at ideas to start new businesses or new careers. The hall can be an excellent and affordable venue for all sorts of ventures, such as courses, education and entertainment.

“If you have an idea, why not get in touch to see how we can help.”

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