Could you be a Parish Councillor?

There are three vacancies on Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council. Which means there are spaces for local people to be co-opted to the Parish Council.

In advance of the local elections coming up in May, only eight people have put their names forward for election. As the Parish Council has 11 places, it means that there will be three positions unfilled by the election.

These vacancies can be filled by co-option and anyone interested in serving the community as a Parish Councillor is being asked to get in touch with the Clerk to the council.

People interested in serving are being asked to send an email to the Clerk, Vivien Byrne using

As well as providing their name and address, people should write a short note of why they would like to be co-opted. To be a councillor, people have to reside in the Parish, or within three miles of the boundary, own land in the Parish or be employed in the Parish. You must also be a British subject. There are full details on the Electoral Commission website.

If selected, councillors would be expected to attend meetings every month, except for April and December with the meetings usually being held in Pant Memorial Hall or Llanymynech Village Hall, on the 4th Thursday of the month commencing at 7.15pm. Currently the meetings are taking place virtually via Zoom but physical meetings will be the norm.

There is also what is called the Village Assembly, which is the Annual Parish Meeting held in April, and anyone interested in being co-opted is urged to attend, to get a better insight into the role of the Parish Council. This year’s Village Assembly will be held virtually on Thursday 22 April at 2.30pm. Click here to find out more and to register.

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