Hat trick of grants for Pant Memorial Hall

The committee at Pant Memorial Hall are celebrating after a hat trick of grants were awarded to the hall to make significant investment in heating and energy efficiency as well as updated chairs for children.

For a number of years, trustees at the hall have been investigating ways to install solar panels to help reduce the carbon footprint of the hall and to improve the heating in the hall. Now, thanks to two generous grants from the Postcode Lottery Trust and The National Lottery, the hall has been awarded almost £30,000 to install solar panels on the roof of the hall, to improve insulation and to install new, more efficient heating.

According to Shaun Fisher, Treasurer at the hall, this money will allow the hall to significantly reduce its operating costs while at the same time reducing its carbon footprint. He said: “As a rural village hall we are reliant on our local hirers to pay for the upkeep of the hall and electricity is one of our biggest costs. Once our new solar panels and battery system come online, we will be almost self-sufficient in electricity, meaning we can keep costs for hirers as low as possible.”

The upgrade to the heating in the hall should mean that it is much more efficient that the old radiators that are currently in the hall, which will be of benefit to hall users, and improvements to insulation in the roof space should help keep the hall warmer and more comfortable in winter.

The hall has recently also been awarded over £1,000 by the Tirgwynt Community Fund to replace old children’s chairs with new, easy to clean chairs.

Updates about the solar project for the hall will be posted on their website, so stay in touch on https://pantmemorialhall.org.uk.

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