The White Lion in Llynclys

Is it time for a public meeting about Llynclys Crossroads?

Following the most recent collision at Llynclys crossroads earlier this week, a spokesperson for Highways England said: “Our thoughts are with those involved in the collision.

“Highways England is committed to making safer roads and encouraging safer driving behaviours. We have reduced the speed limit on this stretch of road and will continue to monitor collisions at this junction.”

As we previously reported, a petition was launched before this latest collision to ask Highways England to install traffic lights at the junction to avoid more collisions.

The White Lion in Llynclys
The White Lion sits at the junction of the Llynclys Crossroads

As it currently stands, over 2,800 people have signed the petition online. Highways England are aware of the petition and hopefully at some point will make a public statement about their opinions of the benefits or otherwise of traffic calming measures such as traffic lights or a roundabout.

Local residents have many ideas for the crossroads and the idea of a public meeting with Highways England has been suggested recently.

Pant Today put this idea to Highways England and they have responded that if residents would like to invite Highways England to a meeting they should write to the Route Manager at the address below and it will be considered through the usual channels.

Robert Jaffier
Route Manager
Operations Directorate (Midlands)
Highways England
The Cube
199 Wharfside Street
Birmingham B1 1RN

The crossroads lies on the junction of the main trunk road into mid-Wales with two other roads, both of which are important routes in their own right.

According to the Shropshire Star newspaper, a number of people have been in touch with Highways England following the latest collision, including the local MP and Shropshire and Oswestry councillors. With Mike Coppock saying speed cameras should be installed, like those in Shotatton.

He said: “They have certainly slowed up the traffic at that junction, which used to be notorious for the amount of accidents it had.”

As well as writing to the Route Manager to suggest Highways England hold a public meeting with local residents and businesses, you can still sign the online petition if you agree by clicking this link –

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  1. Introducing or altering speed limits is just window-dressing – they are simply ignored. There has to be some definite right-of-way system such as a roundabout or traffic lights.
    I no longer use that junction if I have an alternative – likewise Shottaton Crossroads.

  2. I will go on an extensive detour to avoid the junction at certain times. Too much confusion. Too many knights of the road. Too many unaware of all the issues. And still too many speeding through like they are transporting a pregnant lady.

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