The White Lion in Llynclys

Llynclys Crossroads petition launched

For residents of Pant and surrounding villages – as well as many visitors to the area – Llynclys Crossroads can be a by-word for traffic delays and dangerous driving.

The White Lion in Llynclys
The White Lion sits at the junction of the Llynclys Crossroads

Now an online petition has been launched which calls on Highways England to install traffic lights at the junction to reduce traffic speeds and make crossing the junction safer.

The crossroads lies on the junction of the main trunk road into mid-Wales with two other roads, both of which are important routes in their own right. The petition, entitled ‘Llynclys Crossroads needs traffic lights’, is available to sign at

Over the past few years, there have been numerous accidents at Llynclys crossroads, some of which had fatalities. The speed limit was reduced to 40 mph six years ago, but there are still issues with traffic pulling out in front of oncoming traffic as they turn off the A483.

An online search for Llynclys Crossroads will result in numerous articles in the local media about crashes at the junction, including cars, buses and lorries. Luckily, most accidents are relatively minor – although they can lead to major delays – but anything to make the junction safer must be welcome.

One of the advantages with traffic lights at the junction rather than a roundabout or other traffic calming measures, is that there is the opportunity for a pedestrian crossing to be built into the scheme. This would be particularly beneficial to allow people to walk from the White Lion (pictured) to the Cambrian Railway, which are currently on either sides of the A483, as well as allowing bus passengers to cross the busy road more easily.

A Highways England spokesperson said: “We take safety extremely seriously and we are monitoring collisions at this junction. We have already reduced speed limits on this stretch of road and we’d remind drivers to make sure that they remain vigilant and drive to the conditions.”

You can read the petition and sign if you agree by clicking this link –

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  1. Its so difficult to cross. Traffic backs up and you depend on the goodwill of the A483 users to stop and let you cross. Many will travel miles to find an alternate route.

  2. Terrible junction and the position of the 40mph signs don’ t help. Drivers forget a they are too far away. Urgent need for traffic lights..

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