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June 2024 Parish Council Meeting

Llanymynech & Pant Parish Council is inviting you to their next meeting in Llanymynech Village Hall on Thursday, 27 June 2024 at 7.15pm.

As usual, members of the public are welcome to raise their own issues about the local area as well as finding out more about the work of the Parish Council.





 (b)    SHROPSHIRE COUNCILLOR REPORT.  Report from Cllr Vince Hunt

 (c)    MATTERS RAISED BY THE PUBLIC.  A period of 15 minutes is set aside for Members of the public to speak on any matter on the Agenda, or to request items to be placed on a future Agenda

Council in session.

3 DISCLOSURE OF PECUNIARY INTEREST OR BIAS. In accordance with section 29 of the Localism Act 2011 Members are personally responsible for deciding whether or not they should disclose an interest where a matter arises which directly relates to them. They should not participate in any discussion nor vote on the matter and must not remain in the room unless granted dispensation to do so

4 MINUTES to confirm Minutes of the meeting held on the 23rd of May

 5 HIGHWAY MATTERS.  Matters relating to the A483 and other parish roads


 7 PLANNING. Planning Application for comment: SC/00523/24, Notice and Consultation for Tree Protection Order on former coal yard site, Station Road, Llanymynech

24/02209/AMP Non-Material Amendment to frontage of dwelling, Station Rd, Pant, refused, as not considered to be non-material.

 8 FINANCIAL MATTERS AND ACCOUNTS To approve accounts for payment totalling £10,245.40

  9 AUDIT REPORT.  Report on the Internal Audit by JDH Business Services. Report from Clerk on the external audit

 10 COUNCIL WEBSITE.  Update on progress

 11 ROCKWELL WILDFLOWER MEADOW. Management Plan and Matters arising

 12 REVIEW OF POLICIES.  To Review Financial Risk Assessment Policy and Climate Emergency Action Policy

 13 LION HOTEL, Llanymynech

 14 ITEMS OUTSTANDING. To report on items dealt with or still outstanding from previous meeting

 15 COUNCILLOR or CLERK REPORTS ON LOCAL ISSUES.  To bring any items to the notice of the Council, or reports on training or meetings attended

 16 ITEMS FOR NEXT MEETING.  Cllrs opportunity to request items for next Agenda

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