Helen Morgan MP on the A483 in Llanymynech

MP launches petition to sort out A483

The Llanymynech bypass might not currently be a priority but North Shropshire MP Helen Morgan has now launched a petition calling on National Highways to sort out the A483 with common-sense safety improvements.

As many people living or visiting locally know the A483 can be a dangerous and busy route with few pedestrian crossings and narrow footpaths.

Following news that the Government has deemed a Llanymynech bypass ‘not a priority‘ Helen – along with local residents – says that there is still a lot that can be done to make the A483 safer for drivers, visitors and residents.

Does Pant need a Llanymynech Bypass?

Helen is calling on National Highways to introduce lower limits between and through villages on the A483, and for urgent action to improve safety at the infamous Llynclys Crossroads. She has launched a petition for residents to sign and back her campaign, putting pressure on the organisation to make changes.

Liberal Democrat Helen Morgan said: “Action must be taken on the A483 before someone is killed – not after.

“It is my view that, while we must continue to campaign for the bypass, alternatives for Llanymynech, Pant and Llynclys should be more thoroughly investigated in the meantime.

“There are still many safety measures needed on the A483 from Llanymynech through to beyond Llynclys. From a crossing near the Bryn Offa bus stop, to lowering speed limits in the run up to Pant, to traffic lights at the Llynclys crossroads, there are a number of proposed solutions which are clearly achievable. National Highways, Shropshire Council and ultimately the Government need to sort this out.

“Residents can sign my petition at https://www.helenmorgan.org.uk/a483 to show support for the campaign and demand better from the Government on this.”

Previously, a petition created about the crossroads at Llynclys by a local resident had more than 3,000 signatures.

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