Show us your pumpkins

In the next few days, people throughout Pant will be displaying their carved pumpkins.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 many people will be staying home and will therefore have less chance to see the art created from these vegetables.

Pumpkin Lantern - Pant Today

That’s why we are encouraging readers to upload a photo of their pumpkin to our website for all to see!

Whether displayed on your doorstep, in a porch or near the side of the road, we know some people go to great lengths to design and carve a scary pumpkin face.

If you get the chance to take a photo of your pumpkin at night we think this could add to the scary atmosphere.

Many of the pumpkins might even have come locally from Llynclys Farm, a big supplier of pumpkins. We are sure they’d love to see what you have made from their produce.

We are going to keep the gallery of Perfect Pant Pumpkin Photos online for a week or two so everyone has the opportunity to viewing the creations submitted.

As a family-friendly website, we reserve the right not to publish any photos that are too scary!

To upload your photo and to see others already uploaded, click here.

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