Season’s Greetings

As another year draws to its close, we would like to wish all residents and visitors to Pant and its surrounding area a very Happy Christmas.

The last few years have seen many changes in the village – as well as the country at large – some of which are very positive and others where the impact is yet to be seen.

Armistice Artwork at Pant Memorial Hall

We might be a bit biased, but we think a highlight of the past year or so has been the work undertaken at Pant Memorial Hall to update the facilities and to install the ceramic artwork as a permanent reminder of the 100th Anniversary of the Armistice. We know that lots of people have commented very positively on it and the small garden developed in front of it.

The now annual Pant Autumn Bazaar was another success this year, raising over £600 towards the maintenance and upkeep of the hall. And just as important as the money raised, the Bazaar brought scores of local people together.

The developments at the Cross Guns fit into the category of ‘too early to tell’. With the current managers leaving in the New Year and Admiral Taverns advertising for a new tenant, none of us know how the future of the pub will pan out. A number of local people have formed a ‘Friends of the Cross Guns‘ Facebook group this year, to help support the pub, whatever its future.

Recent news from those trying to reopen the Montgomery Canal through Pant to join up with the water at Llanymynech has also been a little disappointing, as work to rebuild Schoolhouse Bridge seems to be being put off until 2021. As always, more information can be found by visiting

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May we wish you Happy Christmas and Season’s Greetings!