The White Lion in Llynclys

New Owners at the White Lion

Following confirmation that Admiral Taverns has sold the White Lion in Llynclys, new owners have said that they are committed to reopening as soon as possible.

Steve Sant, the new owner, has set up a new Facebook page for the pub and has posted: “Hello everyone, we’re the new owners of the Lion. We’d like to quickly address the rumours about our recent purchase of the pub. Please be assured we have absolutely no intention on knocking it down or developing housing. In fact as you’ll see, we’ll soon be starting a major investment in the pub to bring it back to life as soon as possible.”

According to Steve there was never any intention to purchase the pub for development and that we’re really excited to be opening as soon as possible following refurbishment which will start in the next few weeks.

Said Steve: “The Lion is definitely going to stay as a pub under our ownership and we have never had intentions to get any sort of planning other than the development of the campsite, as a campsite.”

Local Treasure

The White Lion in Llynclys
The White Lion sits at the junction of the Llynclys Crossroads

The history of the pub goes back to the 13th Century, there was a toll house on the crossroads in the 16C and there are records of a public house since after 1840 when it was called the Red Lion. The building hasn’t changed appearance very much since the 1960’s and has been a familiar local site at the crossroads at Llynclys.

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